Crypto Currency Emoji
for Slack

We provide freebie crypto currency themed emoji for Discord and Slack. Our goal is for this to enhance the level of expression for the crypto community. New emoji will be added frequently. Please enjoy! 😊





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or download the zip here.

Crypto emoji is a gift to the crypto community and made available free of charge. Your donation, which is purely optional, supports the creation of more emoji. Please consider sending some ETH our way, thanks!


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With πŸ–€ from one hodler to another.

Uh Oh!

Believe it or not but unfortunately Slack does not provide an easy method of batch adding Emoji (Hey come on! @SlackHQ).

One way to batch upload is to use the emojipacks CLI by lambtron and this yaml file.

Or you could always just download the zip and follow the instructions provided here.


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